Building Automation

Building Automation & Environmental Control

Building automation is the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves in providing open systems, our customers should have options when it comes to who can service and expand their building automation systems. We offer two building automation lines, Honeywell and Siemens. Our building automation systems use Tridium's Niagara framework. We provide fully open JACE controllers and licensing, this allows our customers to have full control of their systems now and for the lifetime of their systems.

Today's building automation systems based upon the Niagara Framework are capable of integrating HVAC, Lighting, Energy Data, Card Access, Video Surveillance and more. Our systems are tailored to our customers needs and specifications, many require highly secure mission critical systems. All of this control is available from anywhere in the world.

We offer integration solutions for industry standard protocols including BACnet, Lon and Modbus. Our systems support many legacy control protocols, a list of available drivers is available here.

Integration has become standard practice in our industry. We have extensive experience integrating manufacture's OEM controls, 3rd party building automation systems or other building systems.

Imagine a building occupant enters their building after hours. As they swipe their card for access, the building automation system identifies them, captures video, unlocks the door, turns on the lights in their office and sets their HVAC to an occupied mode. These are just some of the possibilities of a fully integrated system. Our team consists of Colorado's foremost experts in interoperability and integration. We can design a solution that works for your specific situation and desires. Ask us to demonstrate our capabilities.