Building Automation & Environmental Control

Building automation is now and always will be the cornerstone of our business.  We pride ourselves in providing completely open solutions.  We believe our customers should have options when it comes to who can service and expand their building automation systems.  That is why we only sell systems that can be sold and serviced by multiple companies.  We believe our customers should choose to do business with us and not be forced to.

We offer two building automation lines, Honeywell and Siemens.  All of our building automation systems use a Tridium Niagara front end.  We provide only fully open JACE controllers and licensing, this allows our customers to have full control of their systems now and for the lifetime of their systems.

Today’s modern building automation systems are capable of integrating HVAC, Lighting, Energy Data, Card Access, Surveillance Systems & more.  If it is in your building, chances are we can integrate it.  All this control and data is at a push of a button from anywhere in the world.  Our systems are tailored to our customers needs and wants.  We offer only the most secure systems, many of our clients have highly secure mission critical facilities.

We offer solutions for all industry standard protocols including BACnet, Lon and Modbus.  Our systems support the vast majority of legacy control protocols which include, but are not limited to, Johnson N2, Trane Com3,4&5, legacy Honeywell & Carrier CCN.  A list of available drivers is available at Tridium

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is the new buzzword in our industry, but what is it in relationship to building automation systems?  To put it very simply, IoT leverages the internet to send and receive data. But what does that mean for your building?  That means that we can send, receive and analyze real time data.  As an example, utility and weather data can now be shared over the internet and adjustments can be made automatically in real time.  Ask us how we can make IoT work for you and your building.


Analytics continues to be a growing part of our business. Building owners are interested in solutions that will help them identify problems and reduce energy costs utilizing real time data from their building automation systems. Our analytics packages can be deployed on large or small scale and are customized to meet our customer’s needs. We utilize Skyspark, a widely available analytics solution. This enables our customers to identify patterns, equipment problems, programming issues, energy saving possibilities and more.  These solutions can be deployed on most existing building automation systems and all new systems we provide. Ask us how we can deploy analytics in your building. Please visit the Skyspark website for more information.

Integrated Systems

Integration has become standard practice in our industry.  We have extensive knowledge successfully integrating to manufacture’s OEM controls, 3rd party building automation systems or other building systems.  Imagine a building occupant enters their building after hours.  As they swipe their card for access the building automation system identifies them, captures video, unlocks the door, turns on the lights in their office and sets their HVAC to an occupied mode.  These are just some of the possibilities of a fully integrated system.  Our team consists of Colorado’s foremost experts in interoperability and integration.  We can design a solution that works for your specific situation and desires.  Ask us to demonstrate our capabilities.

HVAC / Energy Optimization

A recent study showed that the HVAC systems of commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 41% of a building’s overall energy use. With that being said, over 85% of all commercial buildings are not running as efficiently as possible. Whether we deploy analytics or do a simple operational audit of your existing HVAC / building automation systems, we can determine quick ROI opportunities. Our team includes experts in energy optimization, including a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA). We can tailor a solution to optimize the operation of your HVAC system to provide reduced energy costs and increased comfort. Ask us how we can help you.

Real Time Energy Monitoring and Data Collection

Have you ever been curious how much energy your building is using or when your building has it’s peak load?  This is all data we can collect and present to you in an easy to understand graphic.  Additionally, we can use historical data to make adjustments to the operation of your building thus avoiding excessive energy use.  Many of these improvements qualify for rebates, making the ROI quite attractive.  D.R. Associates employs energy experts who can help you secure the most ideal rebate possible.  Below is an example of a demo energy dashboard.

Lighting Controls

Do you have an existing lighting control system or desire to have one in your new construction building?  Although we don’t specifically sell lighting control systems at this time, we do often provide integration to them.  If you have an existing system, have us take a look at it to see what we can offer.  If you are building a new building, get us involved early so we can properly plan and implement lighting control integration.

Access Control

Many customers today are opting for a fully integrated systems which includes access control. The industry is seeing the clear benefits of having all systems integrated to one front end. Whether you have an existing system that needs replacement or you are needing a new system, we can help build a system that is right for you.

Video Surveillance

Most of today’s commercial building have some type of video surveillance system.  We can provide you with a state of the art video surveillance system and fully integrate it to your building automation system. In many cases we can utilize existing cameras. Contact us for more information.


Cultivation continues to be a successful part of our business.  Currently we have controls in over 300,000 square feet of cultivation automation in various facilities.  These systems increase yields, improve processes, captures historical data and provides the same open systems we use in all buildings.  All facets of the control process can be automated including lighting, HVAC and fertigation just to name a few.  Visit our cultivation page for more information. (page currently under construction)